Paddleton ★★★★

I watched Paddleton at just the right time, and it spoke to me. It looks like some critics found Paddleton to be too slight -- even aimless during its first half -- but, I didn't think that at all. The observational friendship struck many chords that I found poignant. I was laughing quite a bit, and crying too -- even both together, once. It was pretty special.

Mr. DuLac's review inspired me to watch the movie. I had it in my queue, but there's so much content these days that it kept getting pushed back. As he so saliently pointed out, it's refreshing to watch a movie about soul mates that aren't confined to a male-female romantic relationship.

Many things stood out to me, but (besides the last twenty minutes) something about the hot tub really stood out. The acting there was so good -- Ray Romano did such an excellent job. Highly recommended if you're even a little interested.

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