The Beach Bum ★★★★½

The Beach Bum is an expression of joy, and I love that about it. It seems rambling, and unfocused; but Harmony Korine knows how to tap into something that I don't fully understand: life -- an appreciation for it, the absurdity of it, and the humor in it. I'm guessing many people think Moondog is an almost direct representation of Matthew McConaughey, but I'd venture to guess he's a much closer surrogate for the director.

This movie is weird. I had to learn to turn off my brain; and, once I did, I found myself enjoying it so much. At first, I was smiling but hesitant to accept what was going on. As the movie continued, it got more and more absurd; that's something I really respond to. (By the way, all the cameos were great, but Martin Lawrence especially had me in stitches.)

Some kind of personal irony worth mentioning is that I had to watch this for work. That it nourished my soul seems like a victory.

I don't know if this is a 4.5 star movie, but I love that it exists. The Beach Bum was kind of genius.

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