The Cabin in the Woods ★★★

This movie is beloved by some of my friends, but I just find it to be 'okay.' I wanted to watch it a third time after enjoying Bad Times at the El Royale quite a bit. Drew Goddard wrote and directed both films, but they don't feel the same in any way. That's probably due in large part to Joss Whedon's heavy involvement in The Cabin in the Woods. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, I just prefer El Royale's writing style and production values much more.

Cabin is considered a "Horror Comedy," but the horror is pretty slight, and so is the comedy. There are certainly chuckle-worthy moments, but largely it relies on "meta humor" (which I'm not that fond of) to amuse and delight.

By my take, I'm guessing most of my friends love the concept of the movie more than the actual movie. (I do. That is meta!) But, there doesn't seem to be a difference in anyone's minds -- and it doesn't matter as long as y'all are enjoying it! Personally, I though the beginning was pretty bland, and it doesn't get much better until the last thirty minutes. The last act is just super fun, and pretty much makes the whole movie worth it. It looks like they did quite a lot with quite a little, but I'd still rather watch any of the Evil Dead movies (which cost significantly less).

I doubt I'll be returning to this particular cabin any time in the next few decades, but if they ever make a Merman movie, I'm in!

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