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It's the first Wes Anderson movie that I felt disconnected from. I still enjoyed it immensely, but I wasn't totally immersed. (Usually, I feel compelled to fall in love with the characters and story almost immediately.) Ralph Fines was really great, so I'm theorizing that it was the Lobby Boy. I liked him, but he didn't really have the magic of Wes Anderson's typically magnificent casting. I don't know, the alternating aspect ratios was also distracting. I understood what he was going for, but it didn't really work for me. Man but there were some great cameos. I wasn't bored. The style charmed me. I laughed a lot. It still beats the majority of other movies out there; but as far as Wes Anderson goes, I found any emotional connection to The Grand Budapest Hotel to be elusive. Maybe I'll find it on blu-ray...

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