The Irishman ★★★½

I was finally able to commit to this, because Grandma came over and was happy to with Baby O-- except, Grandma spent a lot of time on her phone texting about Kobi...

The Irishman is a beautiful movie, and the aging/de-aging visual effects were top notch. It only distracted me a few times, because of the movements of the actors. Something about a 40-year old man hunched over in that "old man succumbing to gravity" way just didn't sit right. Otherwise, it was very effective. The cinematography was on par in many ways with Inside Llewyn David. Most scenes were beautifully rendered paintings that I felt in awe of.

I would almost give The Irishman five stars, except it totally failed me in the last half hour. A good ending can make or break a movie, and in this case, you almost get both. Basically, I felt like they added a mysteriously irrelevant fourth act to the movie detailing the main character's relationship with death. I get that everyone around him had died, and he was facing something unknown to that lifestyle; *but* I didn't feel like the rest of the movie shared that theme. It felt tacked on an unnecessary-- especially with a three and a half hour run time. I'd go back and reassess those thoughts, but it hardly seems worth it, sadly.

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