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  • Spencer



    A fable from a true tragedy

    I really don't know what to make of that. In my opinion it makes Diana seem a bit nuts & it focuses on her bulimia a lot. Then again one definition of a 'fable' is a story that isn't true but if that's the case & this is just a complete imagining of what happened that weekend then I don't understand why they had to focus so much on realistic elements. Obviously no-one 100% knows what…

  • The Witness

    The Witness


    That was such a good movie! It's a psychological thriller for most of the runtime but there's a bit of action thrown in here & there, especially right at the beginning and near the end.
    The performances were all wonderful especially from the main protagonist played by Lee Sung-Min & the cop trying to do the right thing played by Kim Sang-Ho.
    This is not a whodunnit, more of a game of cat & mouse & it definitely makes you wonder about what you…

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  • Crash Pad

    Crash Pad


    I can't believe that was Stensland.

    This has to be one of the best comedy films I have seen in a long time! I mean I kinda knew I was gonna like it from the first minute when the opening line was "Bullsh!t" & Domhnall Gleeson leapt out of bed naked holding his bits. It was a bit predictable but had a really good cast, great script & I loved all the pop culture references. It does have its deep moments but…

  • Thor



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    "I need sustenance."

    I LOVE this movie! It is pretty much perfect in my eyes, everything from the cast to the score to the costumes is just fabulous. Plus you have a bit of everything in this film - action, romance, comedy, family drama, brotherly love/hate, betrayal... I mean WOW!
    This film is the first in the MCU to introduce other planets (which is beautiful by the way) & opens the doors for more other-worldly entries like Guardians of the Galaxy.…