Parasite ★★★★★

“This ‘send’ button is like a missile launcher!” 

Okay, so. A little background to my viewing experience. I live in England and here, Parasite doesn’t release until February 2020 and when it does release the chances of it being shown in cinemas near me is very small. So I went along to an unknown film screening, and GOD BLESS it was Parasite! Thank you odeon for your service. 

I went into Parasite knowing hardly anything about it. I had never seen the trailer and I’d avoided reviews for it as best as I could (thought that did get a little difficult when everyone on this damn site has already seen it). All I really knew was that it was about two families on either side of the class divide. 

HOLY WOW! This film was something else... 

The visuals are stunning, the script is incredible, the acting from every single cast member is fantastic and the score is amazing. 

One of the greatest aspects of this film is the humour. The comedy is subtle throughout and yet it’s enough to fool you into a false sense of security and you don’t realise the whole thing is turning ridiculously sinister until it’s too late. Man the DOORBELL! 

I was captivated throughout the entire run time.
This was definitely anxiety-inducing, as I was always anxiously anticipating what was going to happen next. 

It’s odd because the film is nothing like it was at the start when it reaches its conclusion, yet at the same time, it’s the same. Social commentary for you: no matter how hard you try to get out of the bad siuation you’re in, in some way, you’ll always be stuck in it. 

I want to see it again so badly but it doesn’t come out here for 2 months RIP: me.

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