Rocketman ★★★★★

“You need to remember who you are, and be okay with it.”

This is the second time I've watched Rocketman after it has been on my mind for the last WEEK and holy shit does it hold up on a rewatch. I have so many.... feelings regarding this film. I've only seen it twice and yet it already means so much to me.

I feel pretty confident in saying this is one of the most creative pieces of filmmaking in the last decade or so. I could write pages and pages about this film and all its symbolism and metaphors and underlying themes - but it's summer so I won't. Instead I'll write this.

Whilst many of the scenes could be regarded as whacky, considering it is a musical, it all just works when you remember this is Elton's story told by Elton - a guy who has spent the majority of his time up until that point high as a kite.

The Rocket Man sequence is absolutely extraordinary. It's such a simple transition between scenes yet the emotional significance is jaw dropping - it really shows exactly how everybody viewed Elton, including himself, and it's heartbreaking. Just goes to show you don't need hundreds of millions of dollars to deliver something that will resonate with the audience.

"When are you going to hug me?" Definitely the most hard hitting and emotionally powerful line in any film I've seen this year. Made me sob.

By far my favourite thing about this film is that whilst it may feel quite emotionally draining at times as we watch all of the shit Elton had to endure, it leaves you feeling hopeful. Refreshed. Like you can be and do anything you want. I am glad this exists.

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