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  • Around the World Under the Sea

    Around the World Under the Sea


    Not a review exactly, but the similarities of the plot and elements of this movie and The Core are striking. Both are save the world through dubious science movies. The heroes succeed by placing 5 gizmos in the right place in a hostile environment that requires a special vehicle. Both seem to be over when the groups realize they were wrong and have to go into even reater peril to fix things. Ultimately their vehicle is crippled and all hope of surviving is lost, only to save themselves by turning a small part of it into a lifeboat.

  • Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance

    Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance

    Just stop.

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  • RoboCop



    First off, I'm one of those rare people who didn't like the original RoboCop. Too heavy handed, and Paul Verhooven is just too much in love with gratuitous...well everything. Peter Weller is that movie's only saving grace.

    The remake is more serious than the original, trying for a more intelligent look at what it would be to become a cyborg, while still having the over-the-top political satire in the form of the Samuel L. Jackson segments (playing a jingoistic journalist…

  • Man of Steel

    Man of Steel


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Meh. Not a big Superman fan, but this movie wasn't very good. Another Goyer script another bad spectacle of story-telling. I did like Michael Shannen as Zod, and Henry Cavill was good as Clark Kent. Not much of a story, but what is there is told poorly. Mostly an excuse to knocked down buildings.

    I think the film's sentiment is best summed up by this:

    1978: All those things I can do. All those powers. And I couldn't even save him.

    2013: All those things I can do. All those powers. And I *wouldn't* even save him.