Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★

decidedly lowkey; for a lot of its considerable runtime, the only real conflicts are existential, be they rick dalton's creeping feeling that he's becoming irrelevant, or the manson family members lurking just outside the narrative where only the viewer knows of their eventual significance.

every second is made with such care and the performances are mesmerizing all around, such that i never felt its length. still, i will definitely need to watch this again as it took me a little bit to get attuned to its laidback pacing, which i wasn't wholly expecting. i get the feeling i will like it more on a subsequent rewatch when i know what to look out for.

and i still found it a touching tribute to people who devoted their lives just to making entertainment for other people,* be it a blockbuster movie or a middlebrow long-running western or a martial arts film, or be it as the leading man, his stuntman, the klutz, or the black hat villain.

*i've seen a lot of handwringing over sharon tate's portrayal but i found her basking anonymously in the laughs of the audience to be wholly charming, an affectionate portrayal of just the kind of people QT is lionizing here, who just want to help people get lost in a movie for a few hours.

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