Planes, Trains and Automobiles ★★★★★

this film makes me equally sad and so happy. Sad cuz people just don’t connect like this at all anymore. The minute someone annoys anyone they cut off all contact people don’t get to know each other more than 5 seconds and judge them in that same amount of time and it’s just so sad and disgusting really. No one is really experiencing these long scenarios with people where maybe a relationship would develop, friendship or otherwise. We have been made to be robots who can’t connect at all or even notice when this shit even is happening anymore. And now everyone are judgy cunts who judge based on 5 minutes of someone who might be frustrated for whatever reason you don’t know their story they don’t know yours people are fkin WILD. Social media is gross. World gross. How much has changed. I just love when Neal gets off the train after he’s separated from Del and sees Del struggling with his trunk and he feels a loyalty to him, even tho he doesn’t owe him anything but it’s that unwritten rule that no one would uphold today. “We have spoken numerous times during this motherfucking shitshow. We have experienced and continue to experience hell, we are connected whether we wanna be or not, suck it up cuz we are going to SEE THIS THROUGH. And I LOVE IT. And it makes me cry every time. It’s just the way it FUCKING IS. 

I watched this with my dad and brother last year while mum was cooking and it was really fun and we had a fire going and I kept remembering that and so I cried a lot during this for those reasons and the sad reasons and the happy reasons. Lots of happy and sad crying. This film is so beautiful. ❤️

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