Sleepwalkers ★★★★½

Mädchen 😻 you poor thing, falling for a guy (w/ very bad teeth, especially for like an actor? No way they wanted his teeth to look that bad either he’s supposed to be some ‘hottie’ so his teeth are just gross cuz he’s gross) who bangs his mom and wants to literally eat you? This was wild. Creep-Y! Shapeshifting is very hard to understand. Seems easy, but you figure it out, dick. You can’t. 

The best part was EASILY Clovis the ‘attack cat’!! Omg so adorable. When his eyes get so big and he screams ‘meow’ to alert Andy he is about to hit the truck-it is the cutest thing ever. And Clovis totally reminded me of Clavius. 

The whole thing where they are part cat but are terrified of full cats because full cats can kill them like immediately is hilarious. All the cats are cuties in this, except for the incest-obsessed weirdos.  I do like how ugly they do look tho. & we got SO many sex scenes of them too lol. wHacKy super fun movie! A great time, a laugh riot, yadda yadda. Lots of energy in this. also, an old cemetery for a first date is such a great idea.

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