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This review may contain spoilers.

Devastatingly beautiful, poetic, perfect. An incredible immersive experience Marty, Prieto, Thelma, & Robbie Robertson have so magically created, I could have spent another 5 hours at the theater with these characters. The opening scene just invites you into this brutal world and asks you to stay awhile, and I enjoyed every single second. I was speechless when it ended. Such a beautiful film. I teared up several times (sobbed quite a few times-sorry not sorry guy next to me, fkin deal with it), there’s so many special moments. A very special film. I love experiences like this where you feel like you just live & spend time with everyone for a whole lifetime, they make me so happy because this feels exactly how cinema is meant to be. Just pure bliss. Beautiful gorgeous manly melancholy. So pure. Pesci made my heart melt and shatter into a thousand pieces then come back together again so many times, he is so so so wonderful but so is everyone else too. I loved this so much my word vomiting isn’t doing this justice ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I cant wait to revisit it over and over again. How amazing it feels to experience something this great in 2019, I’ll be thinking about this and tearing up about it for days & days. 

edit: the choices made (by Marty) for how Paquin should play her character and how we see her throughout the film were devastatingly brilliant. Her stoic but sometimes shaky presence silently expressing her fear, disappointment and anger at her father was felt (by me) in many scenes she wasn’t even in. It was really so powerful and made me so emotional constantly during this. young Peggy didn’t understand what her father did but didn’t feel safe, and Anna as grown up Peggy understood and knew he was a murderer and so then judging and being angry -it’s so heartbreaking she never felt comfortable around him her whole life, never had a relationship with her own father and he never took the time to even notice or care until it was too late and really? it’s that kind of cinematic nuance (Anna’s performance) that more directors need to take note of and maybe utilize more.

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