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This review may contain spoilers.

My thoughts are ALL over the place in this review rn cuz I’m drunk/stoned and dancing so disregard til morning CST when I rearrange when I care 

“What kind of man....makes a phone call like that?”

Remember the scene in taxi driver when Travis calls Betsy after she rejects him and it’s so awkward and painful that Marty has the camera awkwardly move away from him and down the hallway instead cuz it’s so embarrassing and he knows we all can’t even bear it?

& then in this film, 43 years later Marty never cuts away from the phone call Frank makes to Jo, even tho so painful, the close-up stays on Frank’s pathetic lying piece of shit face to Jo about Jimmy never leaves our eyeballs as he stutters and fumbles over his words and can’t figure out what to say because I feel like this, in addition to a million other things is about facing who you are and your mortality, even if it’s extremely late. & how it might not happen until it’s someone really close to you. You could see death 1000x over and it mean nothing until it’s your best friend or your mom or your dad or brother-but imagine regretting everything or realizing how meaningless your entire life was when you’re about to die. Haggling for a casket with some dumbfuck wannabe rapper-this is where you are is it worth it bro? It’s just the one time. Where it’s finally REAL. One life that’s it. Fun timeZ?  and now so close. It’s so incredibly sad. It’s also a reminder of what never to be tho. Frank still doesn’t even know how to feel about death or if he should feel bad. 

Idk I feel like lives should be journeys of adventure and fun and relationships that fulfill you.  Experiences. And feeling emotions and crying and love and feeling every fucking thing cuz it’s AMAZING.  Frank can’t even recognize feelings or thoughts he has about himself or things he’s done and can’t verbalize them because he’s so used to other people telling him what to do and how to think. FEEL. EVERYTHING. GIVE. IN. TO. YOUR. VAGINA. (or dick, whatevs). Never ever be like Frank. These might be my favorite De Niro and Pacino performances. Beautiful beautiful. Biggest cuties in their cutie jammies🥰

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