Good Time

Good Time ★★★★★


Loud, crazy, insane— Good Time is an underrated gem that is nothing but a great time that makes you actually believe you are on a cliff of depression, selfishness, manipulative love, careless actions, and false identity crisis.


• This film was much better than the first viewing, because I viewed this film as a film and not as an action flick, realizing it has a lot to say.

• The kiss and a very close-call sex scene doesn’t shock me anymore but it legitimately makes me uncomfortable.

• This film could’ve been easily solved if Connie waited for his girlfriend, Corey, to convince his mother to give her the money to bail Connie’s brother. They could’ve all gone out to a vacation. 

• Connie making the guard look like he was the one breaking in is upsetting and tragic. The dude was innocent and will probably get out, but the fact that could’ve died due to an overdose makes my stomach sick. 

• The beginning and the ending are literally some of my favorite scenes of all time. It gets intense in the first scene no matter what because I understand how Nick’s brain works but I can’t help but feel he is going to attack on his instructor. The Cross Game ending is amazing and I can’t look away. Nick only moves when the teacher makes people cross if they’ve ever had family problems, feel lonely, been blamed, but it’s nice to see a glimpse of hope when he moves if she asks if anyone has a friend. This film is not about Connie but for everyone innocent (the guard, the girl, and Nick) needing redemption, and redemption comes in all shapes and forms. Unfortunately, for Connie it comes as a price of his life.

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