Holy Motors

Holy Motors ★★★★½

Wichtelclub Runde 5 12.07.21 - 25.07.21 - Holy Motors - Wichtel-Vermutung Theblacklodge

So Holy Motors is

Holy Motors is ehm

Holy Mo-



When I saw the poster and the title I thought this would be some Fast and the Furious-esk action movie with cars. But what I got was basically a follow me around movie about a person who works as a kind of, ehm what exactly was he even...an actor? Ok sure let's just go with an actor.

So to just shorten the previous segment:

I expected: - Car action movie

What I got: - a crazy documentary about an actor

But am I mad about what I really saw? Not at all.

I mean I didn't read anything about this movie before watching it because I just like to go into movies blind without knowing anything about it. Sometimes it's for the better and sometimes for the worse, but I think it was actually a good decision.

Like most people watching this of course throughout I kept thinking about the deeper meaning of this movie. What is this supposed to tell me and what should I take from watching this. Is it saying that we basically are always playing a role around everyone and that we actually can't be ourselves around everyone? Is it saying that some people are putting on acts and don't show us their true intentions?

I don't know and honestly, I don't even care anymore.

I kept thinking about theories and meanings from the first minute to maybe 30 minutes before the end but then I just realized some things.
First of all of course I will never understand everything, I won't even be able to understand a big fraction of things. I will always be in the dark about certain topics. Is that a bad thing? No, why should it be? This really is something Holy Motors was able to teach me and I'm quite happy about it actually. I mean who hasn't sat some hours still questioning what the message is behind something just to conclude that you don't know.

And next to that, I finally realized more that I don't need to understand what is happening to enjoy something. Like you could ask me hundreds of questions about Holy Motors and for 99% of those, I'd answer you with some kind of "I don't have a clue" answer. As long as I have fun and enjoy something I don't need to see a deeper meaning in it.

But I didn't just have some realizations when watching Holy Motors, I also had a lot of fun.

From the amazing music always changing from Russian Folklore/Fairytale to teenie party or accordions playing there was just so much variety. Not just in music but also in let's call it genre. From kind of drama to kind of erotic to even musical. This movie is honestly extremely interesting and indescribable.

You are mesmerized by the interesting and overwhelming story and acting but throughout it all, you also have some really cute and funny moments. The surrealism you see is extremely interesting. I mean just look at the ending scene? That was really a perfect ending for this kind of movie. I loved it so much I don't think I could bring it into words anyhow.

Maybe for some parts the visuals weren't that special but I think it fit perfectly to this movie actually. I mean in a way this is the kind of crazy movie were it isn't supposed to seem like anything is special and exaggerated. It really was just supposed to feel normal.

Of course, I can't forget to mention how great Denis Lavant played his role. This really was an impressive performance.

Holy Motors is really a lot and much much more. For anyone who loves creative art and is into weird stuff, please do yourself a favor and watch this masterpiece.

Thank you so so so so so so much my Wichtel, you really didn't hesitate to give such an absurd movie to me and I'm thankful for that. You are awesome, feel hugged and kissed and loved by me. This is what you deserve for giving me this movie. It really makes me happy and somewhat even gives me a warm feeling.

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