The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger ★★★★★

I seriously cannot fathom the bad reviews for this movie. At first I didn't believe Johnny Depp when I read that he was accusing the critics of deciding their stance on the movie before they had seen it, but now that I have seen it I kind of believe him. I read a review by Peter Bradshaw of this film, and his worst critique of it is that it is 'mediocre'. Bradshaw gave this film 1 star. This is a movie with the wonderful slapstick that Johnny Depp is so great at, using his Keaton-esque dead pan to great affect, and yet it is a film with a cannibalistic villain, and then it has long passages of stylistic visuals that could be present in an art-house movie. Bradshaw said that it wasn't sure what it wanted to be, and this is what I hate about critics. They dislike boring, structured and cynical films such as transformers, and yet when a film comes up that is as nuts, exciting and different to any other blockbuster as this they rip it apart for having taking such a risk into putting so much money into it.
I am not the target audience anymore, but the violence that is on show in this 12a/pg13 film was the type that exhilarated me when watching Pirates of the Caribbean all those years ago. The child hanging scene in PotC3 made me feel like I was watching something gritty and adult, and yet somehow everyone was letting me watch it.
This is a weird and wonderful blockbuster with heart, much like Pacific Rim was, and I wish more people would watch it without thinking about what the critics have said.

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