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  • Father of the Bride

    Father of the Bride


    I must have watched the Steve Martin one a hundred times when I was a kid but had never seen the original. Clearly a lot of it was lifted directly from this, this one was fairly enjoyable.... but I just have such fond childhood memories of the 90's one that it mostly just made me want to go back and watch that one.

  • Barcelona



    It's definitely not my favorite Stillman movie but you can see all of the DNA and it was an enjoyable watch.

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  • Heathers



    While I do not necessarily love this movie in the same WAY I loved it at 20 (which is only for the best), I still think it holds up as a remarkably sharp and biting black high school comedy. Something that could never have been made even ten years down the line, it dares to satirize topics that are usually untouched, and does it in a way that is challenging and provocative. Still one of the best.

  • The Boss

    The Boss


    This is... such a waste. I knew it got bad reviews and I was not expecting very much. But this is way less than I was expecting. And why? This should have been funny! Melissa McCarthy is funny! The weird Martha Stewart-type parody certainly seems like it should be funny! The actors in it are all funny. Girl Scouts fighting in the streets? Funny! And yet not a damn thing is funny. I think I smirked like once. Just a waste of things.