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  • Halloween



    Im like, yo watch out girl, and Jami Lee Curtis is all like wassup, hun. And then Michael Myers is all like Fuck You, Bitch. And the Jamie Lee and me, we are both like fuck you, Asshole. Totally.

    Im Juicy Lucy!

  • A Cure for Wellness

    A Cure for Wellness


    This movie was like totally cool. I am, like, so glad that I am far from being well, because this is one cure I can do without. I mean, like, no way Jose. You know what I am saying?

    Im Juicy Lucy!

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  • Strange Behavior

    Strange Behavior


    Wow! What a horrific title for a film.

    I liked the film's something is lurking beneath a small town 1950s sci-fi flick kind of vibe.

    The two heroes of the film John and his son Pete were likeable and you wanted to get behind them and cheer them on.

    The murder scenes were fairly well done. There was a lot of mounting tension and horror.

    The bad doctor woman makes for a really good meanie bum. It made me cringe…

  • Vampyres



    Boring. Dead boring.

    Bad. Not, so bad it's good. Just bad.

    Sucked the life right out of me.

    Fuck it. I'm going to bed.

    Im Juicy Lucy!