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  • Prospect



    I get it. This is not an easily accessible movie if you are looking for that polished complete package, normally akin to sci-fi: Where the characters go well up and over the arc of the heroes journey, and plenty of well planted exposition sets up the stakes and world building. CGI makes the future larger than life and drives hyper-realistic renderings.

    But this-- this movie is my everything.

    It strikes this perfect balance between writing and execution. This invokes the…

  • Sorry to Bother You

    Sorry to Bother You


    We're in the Tessa Thompson-issance.

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  • Aquaman



    Look, it's no Tokyo Drift, but I ate popcorn, laughed, and had a good time.

  • Slice



    Highly stylized and vhs retro themed, but never never rises above the level of Kung Fury, where parody has recycled back into a surface splashing meta youtube clips. I can appreciate any movie that doesn't take itself too seriously, but this ends up falling somewhere in between Grindhouse remakes and an episode of Law & Order.

    Paul Scheer and a handful of other familiar actors have great bits, the setup is perfect for that synthetic b-movie feel, but all the threads…