Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★★


I felt bad for Clark Kent the entire length of this movie, everyone, I mean everyone shits on him for really no reason. In the opening 20 minutes there’s an attack on Lois Lane in Africa basically and he went there to save her, but then the African woman goes on news to try and frame it that when Superman came in fire started, not the other way around. Firstly in his reporting job he has to report things that aren’t that interesting to him and when he delves deep into something he truly cares about his boss, Perry White, gets angry at him. Then you have the vandalism at his statue, which was just pure disrespect to Superman and made him lose that love he had for people.

The U.S. Capitol scene, this one always gets to me because it seems as if it’s the final straw for Superman really; people there already hated him and when he got a chance to really talk with the people, other people die.

This film is an example of balls on a filmmaker, like seriously though! Zack Snyder turns our superheroes into people that despise each other. This film is the least superhero film ever, the first half is almost fully political and human and then the last of the second half is a complete change of tone, until Superman dies. 

“Men are still good.”

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