Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★

Jordan Voght-Roberts makes sure to not make the same mistake Gareth Edwards made with Godzilla, and decides to focus his monster movie on the monsters. And it's mostly successful. It doesn't come anything close to the masterpiece Peter Jackson brought us 12 years ago on King King, who spent a full hour setting up likable and memorable characters before introducing us to the title beast, who ended up not being just a simple beast, but another likable and memorable character, and I can't expect any reboot to measure up after the predecessor made me care so deeply about a 25 foot tall monkey, while also not skimping on the dino ass-kicking. 

Roberts opts instead to rush the character work to get us to the monkey/dino stuff without any wasted time in between. And that's fine. I'm fine with this recent trend of colossally budgeted B movies that would rather showcase monsters over characters. I'm fine with movies that ask me to invest nothing in them and just sit back and enjoy the spectacle. But the reason I'm rating this fairly low in spite of my full endorsement of mindless monster movies, is due to a lot of odd editing and pacing decisions, along with some issues I had with the script, and John C Reilly's character exists for no other purpose than a mid movie exposition dump.

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