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  • Extraction


    “bad bitch inbound” -chadwick walden, 2020, when the hot lady was in the helicopter and on her way to [redacted bc spoiler]

    i felt relatively underwhelmed when it was over and i didn’t really have any expectations of it to begin with

  • Kuroneko


    very nice, the score slapped as well as the pd and cinematography and the story was interesting too

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  • Hereditary


    if i had watched it in a different setting i probably would have been a lot more scared but it really just made me cry a lot. and the ending kinda felt like a cop out

  • Bone Tomahawk

    Bone Tomahawk

    i kept thinking about the differences between digital vs film when i watched this. there were just subtle things i noticed that could either be completely due to the DP’s choices or because it’s a newer movie and things in general have changed but i don’t know maybe there’s really not much of a difference n i’m just being dumb

    also while the production design was nice it sorta felt like people from now just pretending to be in the old west instead of it actually being that time