Bird Box ★★★

"You know, in the divorce petition, my first wife said that to call me a creep would be an affront to creeps everywhere. My second wife said she no longer feared going to hell, 'cause it couldn't possibly be worse than being married to me."
"Think I would have loved them."
"Maybe. And then Lydia. Third time really was the charm for me. She was the kindest person I ever met. But I'm here and she's gone. You know why that is? Because in the end, there are only two types of people. The assholes and the dead."

Well, Bird Box does a really good job of ratcheting up the tension, which is very high praise from me because I had a hard time suspending my disbelief for this one. One day, out of the blue, people start seeing things that have never been seen before that make them commit suicide and the world's population is decimated in weeks. The survivors spend all of their time indoors with the windows covered and the doors locked and only go outside when blindfolded. Hard to swallow, I know, but if you just let the film play, there's enough going on to distract from the implausibilities. At least, there was for me. Not great, but not bad.

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