Citizen Kane ★★★

"I always gagged on the silver spoon."

I'd never concerned myself with Citizen Kane before because it was always hyped as the greatest film ever, yet I thought it looked rather boring... My aunt gave me the 70th Anniversary Edition for Christmas though, so I decided to give it a watch.

While I can see how it changed a lot of how people saw films back in the time period in which it was made - The first section of the film's almost like a documentary after which it goes into its story where the main character's already dead and just being talked about to someone trying to find out what his last word meant - it's nothing that special today. Most of the cast seems to be made up of people who'd never acted before, which doesn't come as much of a surprise to me. The story's interesting, but unfortunately comes off a bit too much like what I suspect Donald Trump would like to see in a biopic about him.

Charlie Foster Kane is not a likable guy. Neither are most of the people surrounding him. Not that they need to be for me to like their story, but knowing what the ending was, I wasn't as intrigued as I should have been. Somewhat disappointed... I can only give it 3 stars at best.

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