It ★★★★

"Ain't nothing like a little fear to make a paper man crumble."

The kids floating in the air inside the sewer is a bit too on the nose and hokey, but Andy Muschietti's It gets so much right, from the way the kids act with each other to the way Pennywise scares the bejesus out of everyone that one can't help but fall under its spell.

The kids couldn't have been cast any better, especially Eddie. It's their relationships with each other and their parents and their bullies that make them so relatable. So believable. Watching It, one can easily be taken back to his or her own adolescence and the experiences had back then, both good and bad.

Bill Skarsgård is great as Pennywise. I can't think of anyone else who'd have brought the same weird physicality to the role. I especially love that one eye that looks off to the side. I really hope that he comes back for the second chapter since Pennywise is so much scarier than a giant fucking spider.

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