Phantom of the Paradise ★★★★★

"Here's the contract. Everything I've said and more is in it."
"I'll read it."
"At your leisure."
"'The party of the first part gives the party of the second part and his associates full power to do with him at their pleasure. To rule, to send, to fetch, or carry him or his, be it either body, soul, flesh, blood or goods.' What does that mean?"
"That's a transportation clause."

I'd heard for years how good Phantom of the Paradise was, but I never believed that I'd like it as much as I did. This may very well be my favorite take on The Phantom of the Opera. Brian De Palma looks to have been having more fun on this shoot than on all of his other films combined. It's just infectious. I'm glad that I finally took a chance on it.

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