Ready Player One ★★★★

"It's fucking Chucky!"

Ready Player One, the movie, barely resembles Ready Player One, the novel. Whether that's a good or bad thing is up to someone else to argue. I think they both have their good and bad points. The film is definitely more of a spectacle and is loaded to the gills with action, some good, some clichéd (I, for one, found the whole chase scene into the Stacks tiresome and clichéd).

The film worked for me, for the most part. Some of the choices that were made to give the kids more unity fell flat for me as it negated some key character traits, but I understand why it was done. Spielberg's not a director of films where characters are loners without much use for human companionship and having Parzival the narrator of the book, none of the other characters' independent actions were known to him. It was all Parzival, all the time.

I enjoyed the cameos of the film and cartoon characters that I caught and can see how I might wind up watching the film from time to time just to try and catch characters that I missed the first time. My only real disappointment in the difference between the film and book is a serious lack of the band, Rush.

Your opinion, most assuredly, will vary...

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