The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★½

"Must the duck be here?"
"Fastest duck in the city. Horatio is a prize worth stealing, he does not leave my side."

The Favourite is deliciously wicked, but in a way that even the senior citizens that mostly made up the rest of the audience with whom we saw it enjoyed it as well, snickering their delight right along with us. Olivia Colman's Golden Globe win was much deserved, even if nothing much else was at that ceremony. Her portrayal of Queen Anne is imbued with as much sadness as it is caring and passion. She's a woman with no desire for her position of putting others in dire straits, nor does she have the means to discern the doubledealing of those closest to her. Or rather, once she does, she's too needy of them to care much.

I've never seen Emma Stone in a role that's this treacherous or vengeful. It fits her surprisingly well. I hope that she's cast in more roles that lean somewhat towards the villainous side in the future. Rachel Weisz is equally good in her role, but I've seen her do this sort of thing before. She's great at it, but I knew that already. Nicholas Hoult is well cast as Harley, the political enemy of Weisz's Lady Marlborough. He also gets the chance to be devious and deceitful as he tries to push his agenda to the queen whenever he has the chance.

It's truly a delightful film to take in. I'm sure that I'll be revisiting it sooner rather than later.

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