The Predator ★★★★

"Why do you call it the Predator?"
"It's a nickname. The data suggests that it tracks its prey, exploits weakness. Seems to enjoy it, like a game."
"That's not a predator, that's a sports hunter. A predator kills its prey to survive. What you're describing is more like a bass fisherman."
"Well, we took a vote, Predator is cooler. Right? Fuck yeah."

While not being the best of Shane Black's directorial output, The Predator is a more than adequate addition to the Predator series. It's better than either of the other sequels, fun, exciting and there's enough new things to marvel at and wonder where they'll lead in the future. The cast worked very well together and I was particularly impressed with Olivia Munn's ability to throw down with the guys and get violent against the Predator. I wasn't really expecting that since her character was a scientist. I thought she'd need more protecting and I'm very glad that the story didn't go that way.

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