Under the Silver Lake ★★★★★

"Ow! Why are you hitting me?"
"Your song, 'Turning Teeth,' there's a fucking code in it. I need to know why you put it in there and what the fuck it means."
"Fucking tell me."
"I don't know anything about a code."
"How could you not know? You wrote the fucking song."
"No, I didn't. I wrote most of them, but not that one."
"Honestly. The label gave me a few songs to record. The rest are all mine."
"So which songs did they give you?"
"'Turning Teeth' 'Wire Mountain' and 'Waltz of the Christian Shit Farmers.'"
"That's all the hits."
"There's no reason to belittle me, man."

Under the Silver Lake is so unlike It Follows, or any other film that I've seen really, that I can understand now why it never got a theatrical release anywhere around here and I can see why a lot of people were turned off by it, but for me, it's a fantastic little head trip.

It Follows left me frustrated by all the nonsensical shit that the characters did, seemingly just to keep the story moving, because it didn't make a lick of sense to me otherwise. Under the Silver Lake also makes little sense, but that's the appeal. It's so fucking strange and the absurdity just comes so continuously that it reminds me of Sorry to Bother You in a way. It makes sense once it's all said and done, looking back on it, the little details that were almost ignored. It just makes no sense at the moment it's happening.

I absolutely loved it.

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