Young Frankenstein

Young Frankenstein ★★★★

I've been putting off watching Young Frankenstein again for years because so many of the movies I loved as a kid have not stood the test of time for me. Especially the comedies. At some point last year I made an attempt to watch another Mel Brooks film I had liked a lot -Blazing Saddles- and couldn't finish it. It just didn't work for me anymore.

Well, some good news and bad news...

The bad is that, like Blazing Saddles, it just doesn't work for me as a comedy anymore. The vast majority of the jokes just fall flat.

However, the good news is that I found it very entertaining as some off-kilter, fucked up bastardization of the Universal Monsters oeuvre. The black and white really looks fantastic, especially on the 40th Anniversary blu-ray I watched and Gene Wilder fits right in the collection of mad scientists.

Consider me pleasantly surprised.

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