• A Clockwork Orange

    A Clockwork Orange


    A Clockwork Orange demonstrates how well Stanley Kubrick is able to infuse his political philosophies with all of the quirks and theatrical flare you would expect from him. His direction is able to put his grandiose ideas on full display.

  • The Final Act of Joey Jumbler

    The Final Act of Joey Jumbler


    This short film is particularly impressive when you consider that the director was 18 years old at the time it was made. Such complexity and vivid emotion in one short film. 

    The script and cinematography do a great job at capturing the subtle undertones of what is plaguing the main character personally. You’re made to feel the humiliation Joey Jumbler is experiencing at first, to later be replaced with an understanding of why he’s the most solemn clown. 

    Based on…

  • Manhattan



    I have grown to appreciate the love Woody Allen has for New York and how unabashedly he shows this in all of his works. He captures the pace of the city with his witty and bullet fire dialogue. You also gotta love the recurring theme of babbling New Yorkers discussing art and unfairly getting away with saying nonsense.

    Although the stories he produces are very personal to his own life, he has a keen eye for producing what will draw in…

  • 8½


    I find it selfish for a director to make his movies so deeply personal and trying to give it a creative perspective; it has for effect alienating the audience since any points they might have related to, just seem out of place because they’re so heavily poeticized that the development is hard to follow. I question if watching the movie a second time over will give me a better understanding. 

    In any case, the confusion is offset by the dialogue,…

  • The Devil Wears Prada

    The Devil Wears Prada


    Nate is the real devil.

  • Midnight in Paris

    Midnight in Paris


    There is a reminiscent quality to art that can only be appreciated after time has passed. But I would encourage people, especially artists, to perceive things in the present with the same regard for nostalgia.

  • The Red Shoes

    The Red Shoes


    The choreography and talent in this film put into perspective how elegant the ballet really is. It made me even appreciate it. 

    The performance scenes are spliced with very unique elements of cinematography to  complement the score. 

    It avoided many of the cliches of discovering talent and was genuine to character development. Lermontov being the perfect example, his candor is softened by his sense of humour throughout the movie only to be replaced by his ruthlessness in the last bit of the movie.

  • Fight Club

    Fight Club


    For the first hour and a half of this movie, you’re in a trance; the monotone narration, play on lighting, the tired expressions and somber eyes of the characters, coupled with the dark comedy, have you fixated on the screen with nothing disturbing your attention. 

    The last half hour is spent questioning your own sanity, the trance is broken and replaced with pure distress.

  • Jackie Brown

    Jackie Brown


    This gets a four star for introducing me to the Delfonics. Didn't I do it baby, didn't I do it babeeeehhh

  • Cape Fear

    Cape Fear


    The plot dragged on a bit too long making the second half of the movie over the top. Some of the characters were genuinely irritating. But what’s a thriller without subpar acting. Regardless, Scorsese creates the suspense that makes this movie successful in causing extreme discomfort and he accomplishes this with skillful cuts that are quick and successive.

  • La Collectionneuse

    La Collectionneuse


    The narration has you believe that these are the thoughts Adrien was trying to uncover in his solitude but you find that they are flawed in that he is trying to justify his laziness and that he still chases the wrong things.

  • Fargo



    There is something about Steve Buscemi in a diner that has an inherent Reservoir Dogs feel to it. You are captivated from the very first scene in anticipation of a crime. 

    So much juxtaposition and so well executed. Everything about this movie creates a sense of comfort, from the soft Scandinavian music, to the homey small town life, to the sense of community. Yet, this movie is about cold blooded murder contrived by a regular guy. This point is almost…