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  • Bells of San Angelo

    Bells of San Angelo


    Worth it for that guy with the awful singing voice singing. And quite a strange murder weapon

  • Sheriff of Tombstone

    Sheriff of Tombstone


    Another Roy and Gabbie movie. And a character called Shotgun Cassidy. I didn’t pay too much attention so I was a bit confused but I enjoyed it

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  • The Legend of Gator Face

    The Legend of Gator Face


    Wow. Just wow.
    Highly ill-judged in the start. It started off being hilariously bad, the middle had a few fun and witty dialogues, and there was also an ending.

    Set in Vernon somewhere near bogs, where Gator Face recides. A town so boring the only reason they get up in the mornings is the Summer Town BBQ. Two extra bored kids decides to play a hoax on the town and suit up as the reptilian legend. They stumble upon the…

  • The Burning

    The Burning


    There’s nudity, peeping, and a lot of no-means-maybe and maybe-means-yes. Actually, written by Harvey Weinstein it doesn’t come as such as a surprise after all. The shocking thing is that he’s managed to make a great horror film.

    This film should be on your must-see list every summer holiday. Summer camp, swimming, camping, and the legend of Cropsey all tucked in to one small sleeping bag.

    Exciting stuff!