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  • Fury



    Characteristically drab and utterly unimpressive performance by Spencer Tracy. It’s a miracle this man ever got an acting gig.

  • Vivre Sa Vie

    Vivre Sa Vie

    When asked about the date of his birth the Master replied blandly that he was never born

  • Richard Jewell

    Richard Jewell



  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse


    Eggers' reading of Milton and Shakespeare through Melville is a drab affair indeed. The Lighthouse has all the trappings of a Grand "Art" film, constantly drawing attention to itself and its own gimmicks, crumbling under the insufferable weight of its own pretensions and source materials. And while Eggers' clearly wears his influences on his sleeve, the mark of the charlatan is of course quite distinct. The way these inspirations are stitched together in the most piecemeal way, simmered and seasoned…

  • Contempt



    If you plan on liking this movie you better have **extensive** knowledge of the following:

    –filmmaking conventions and techniques
    –Godard’s idiosyncratic stylization
    –his political and socioeconomic stances and beliefs
    –this particular film's nightmarish production and the dozens of caveats Godard was required to uphold (and how he defiantly "upheld" them)
    –Greek history -- including but not limited to **extensive** knowledge of Homer's "The Odyssey" -- with a **strong** emphasis on literature of those times, etc.

    or you could just, you know, enjoy it like everyone else

  • The Return of Frank James

    The Return of Frank James


    "It's just like my pappy said: there ain't no law for poor folks except the end of a gun"

    An essential companion piece, a film that cannot survive but in light of the 1939 masterpiece and that strengthens the narrative spun by Henry King's take on the Jesse James myth. That film opens with some of the most spellbinding and horrific scenery, the railroad's predatory attempts at stealing land from homesteaders and the rural poor at gunpoint, backed by the…

  • The Usual Suspects

    The Usual Suspects


    PLOT TWIST why the fuck did I watch this again

  • After Maria

    After Maria


    Insólito, más que mera decepción, una vergüenza. Mientras que El Nuevo Día publica una entrevista en donde se le hacen a la señora Hallgren preguntas de relleno al borde de parodia, el pueblo puertorriqueño demostró el repudio masivo hacia la insinceridad de un documental que no merece pertenecer a ese género. 

    Si el intento era dar a luz las condiciones de los ciudadanos americanos de Puerto Rico, ¿por qué la señora Hallgren, con su “herencia puertorriqueña”, no se enrolló las…

  • Scarface



    “Precisely as Marxists, in the interests of our fidelity to Marx's work, we should identify Marx's mistake: he perceived how capitalism unleashed the breathtaking dynamics of self-enhancing productivity—see his fascinated descriptions of how, in capitalism, 'all things solid melt into thin air', of how capitalism is the greatest revolutionizer in the entire history of humanity; on the other hand, he also clearly perceived how this capitalist dynamics is propelled by its own inner obstacle or antagonism — the ultimate limit…

  • Howl's Moving Castle

    Howl's Moving Castle


    No fake shit 
    Prends ma main, la vie est plus belle dans mon spaceship

  • Public Enemies

    Public Enemies


    I got lots of swag and I be feelin' hurt
    Walk up in the bank like John Dillinger
    Rainbows, I'm willin' to splurge
    After you've gone I'm still on the Earth
    No, no, no you can't get my bank roll
    Slow, slow, slow this cup got me slow
    Low, low, low shawty bring it to the floor (get low)
    Oh, oh, oh SBE in this bitch got more (Sad Boys)

    Ski mask, shawty, girl, whatever you like (you like)

  • Youth Without Youth

    Youth Without Youth


    "—The difficulty of grounding the cited claim may of course be great—it is well known that Schopenhauer himself did not succeed—: and whoever has thoroughly sensed how insipidly false and sentimental this claim is, in a world whose essence is will to power—might allow himself to be reminded that Schopenhauer, although a pessimist, actually— played the flute. . . . Daily, after dinner: just read his biographer on this point. And incidentally: a pessimist, a denier of God and the…