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  • Halloween is Grinch Night

    Halloween is Grinch Night


    I struggle to think of a single thing someone could force me to do for a measly $1.50... unless it involved a vending machine on my front porch.

  • Witch's Night Out

    Witch's Night Out


    This one gets all the nostalgia points! It was so bizarre to rewatch something I must have watched a million times as a kid and completely forgot about until a YouTube video mentioned it as an underrated Halloween special.

    Uniquely weird story, funky animation, and the theme song is still stuck in my head. 10/10, will watch again next Halloween!

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  • The Touch of Satan

    The Touch of Satan

    A shameful lack of Satan despite what the title suggests, but on the bright side we did get to learn where the fish lives.

  • A Matter of Faith

    A Matter of Faith


    So because a college student didn't open her Bible during her very first week of school, her father needed to step in and blindly blame her Biology teacher and his "Evolutionist" (definitely not a thing) ways for corrupting his daughter's beliefs. 

    All this results in a nonsensical farce of a debate that proves nothing and leaves us with a Biology major that's never going to get her degree.