Favorite films

  • Kings of the Road
  • Four Adventures of Reinette and Mirabelle
  • But I'm a Cheerleader
  • Mysterious Skin

Recent activity

  • Creep

  • Is As Is

  • Dream Story

  • Let the River Flow

Pinned reviews

  • Red Hughes Brothers

    Red Hughes Brothers

    i made this movie. it sucks. i'm pretty happy with it


  • Wild Child

    Wild Child

    this film will always be important to me because in january 2009 i went to see it on a second run at some single-screen movie house i'd never heard of but google was wrong and it was actually truffaut's l'enfant sauvage and that's how i discovered arthouse cinema

Recent reviews

  • Lynx Man

    Lynx Man

    only built 4 finnish lynx

  • Rosetta


    "what's humility to a person that ain't never felt luxury / couldn't even slit the wrist because of the blunt cutlery"
    ghais guevara

Popular reviews

  • The 'Teddy' Bears

    The 'Teddy' Bears


    this is probably the earliest example of a film that can best be described as "fucked"

  • Close


    one friday in 1992 my kindergarten class was lining up for dismissal and one of the other boys "trapped" a fly between the two windowpanes. remember those elementary school windows with a bulletin board, an interior window and an exterior window, all layered? anyway, general consensus among the boys was that this was cool as shit. "yeah!"..."he will suffocate over the weekend!"..."stupid fly!"

    once everyone was outside i told the other boys i'd forgotten something and went back in. i…