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  • Truth or Dare

    Truth or Dare


    This has some of the most hilariously terrible exposition I've ever heard: "Since my dad took his life, you've been my only family," and "Remind me why I didn't go to school thousands of miles away from my overbearing and homophobic father" (seconds after it's already been well established that, yes, his father is both homophobic and overbearing). And it's full of attempts to get with today's tech-savvy teens, like this line that manages to be a perfect storm of awkwardly PG-13ified language, "sup my young parsons" attitude, and accidental self-own: "It looked like a messed up Snapchat filter."

  • Venom


    Some thoughts on finally seeing Venom a year later:
    The whole experience was hugely enhanced by hearing Venom's voice on a big, blown-out subwoofer.

    I am in absolute awe of the laziness of designing a villain that's just Venom with slightly different facial features in a slightly lighter shade of grey.

    The drones the Life Foundation sent after him are apparently kamikazes.

    That is an incredibly nice apartment for someone who's supposed to be an unemployed loser.

    Shame on any…

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  • Hunger



    One of the very first computer-animated films, and it's as trippy and disturbing as all get-out.
    Watch it here!

  • Excalibur



    I'm starting to see the breakdown of the ratings system. You've got one half ridiculous camp nonsense (who knew King Arthur was such a goober?) and one half crazy brilliant transcendent classic. So, uh, I kinda took the average.