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  • John Wick: Chapter 2

    John Wick: Chapter 2


    Who would know before the first movie that we would have Keanu Reeves as a badass like Liam Neeson. The movie in terms of plot is as simple as the first one. It is a kick ass fest and that is what you are expecting anyway. I like also that in this one they left the thousand plans per minute fights away

  • Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

    Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps


    Its good enough to make you remember a few things from the first one. It is of course worse than the original, not just in content but on Shia who actually delivers a better performance than usual. I would like to see a movie closer to the one of the 80s and less family drama, but you cannot have it all...

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  • Carrie



    The original one is better and there was no need to do this remake...taking that out of the way it is by no mean the worse remake ever done and the final part is very good as well as the relationship with the mother that is better described on this new one...the lead charachter might be a pretty face although not jerk off material but is a very very bad actress...she must suck cock well

  • Birdman


    I can see why Holywood likes this, its their reflection, the reflection of many wannabe washed out actors, but to be completly honest I did not like it. Too much philosophical non-sense and too much babling about nothing going on. Far away from being best movie of this year. Way too pretensious...