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  • La verità, vi spiego, sull'amore

    La verità, vi spiego, sull'amore


    So basically you should see this one if you are into jerking of to Ambra Angiolini…which is something you should do at least once a month, but in terms of real content, this one falls into the category of nothing. Simple boring story about love, life and fucking up, so nothing more than 99% of the lives of people in this planet!

  • F*&% the Prom

    F*&% the Prom


    Basically a teen movie where they tried to implement as much apps and It shit as they could. But the story remains the same as it was done already millions of times, The popular kids and the losers, in the end the good alaways wins...get the girl, kisses and all that stuff. The End. Good that the chick from Riverdale is on it, I like her because she is mean and hot at the same time!

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  • Carrie



    The original one is better and there was no need to do this remake...taking that out of the way it is by no mean the worse remake ever done and the final part is very good as well as the relationship with the mother that is better described on this new one...the lead charachter might be a pretty face although not jerk off material but is a very very bad actress...she must suck cock well

  • Birdman


    I can see why Holywood likes this, its their reflection, the reflection of many wannabe washed out actors, but to be completly honest I did not like it. Too much philosophical non-sense and too much babling about nothing going on. Far away from being best movie of this year. Way too pretensious...