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  • Jagged Edge

    Jagged Edge


    I had seen this one before but I did not remember...well its a very 80s thriller (yes when they used to do good thrillers), including a court case drama mystery, that is never really a mystery. Glen Close at her best with all the 80s clothes and haircuts and Jeff Bridges doing an ok job. Not really a remarkable movie, but a great cast and fun to aware: unfortunately no tits...

  • The Witness for the Prosecution

    The Witness for the Prosecution


    Mini-series that is also considered by me to be a movie in nothing more than an adaptation from the Agatha Christie novel... Lets just say that the original is better although this is no shitty effort. Good actors making a movie a bit less theatrical than the original. The big problem with these mysteries is that you know how it is going to end...

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  • Carrie



    The original one is better and there was no need to do this remake...taking that out of the way it is by no mean the worse remake ever done and the final part is very good as well as the relationship with the mother that is better described on this new one...the lead charachter might be a pretty face although not jerk off material but is a very very bad actress...she must suck cock well

  • Birdman


    I can see why Holywood likes this, its their reflection, the reflection of many wannabe washed out actors, but to be completly honest I did not like it. Too much philosophical non-sense and too much babling about nothing going on. Far away from being best movie of this year. Way too pretensious...