Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★★★★

Some films truly transcend a mood and Buffalo’66 is one of them. This is a bitterly cold work, analysing the deconstruction of the soul through the vehicle of an unconventional relationship. Gallo uses the mysterious savagery of his character with Ricci’s expertly, pulling the two as far away from each other all the while the circumstances are bringing them together. Stockholm Syndrome is somewhat of a simple way to describe it, but that doesn’t go anywhere near explaining the complexities of the alliance between these two souls. In a way, what Gallo demonstrates through the strangeness of it all is more poignant and worthwhile than anything I’ve ever seen. But, not only does Buffalo’66 utilise this connection to drive it, there’s also a truly unique style to how images appear and aesthetics are used which makes the film the genuine work of coldness it is. An american masterpiece, and one which felt all the more powerful to me when experiencing late at night.