The Hunt

The Hunt ★★★★½

We’ve seen dramas centring on a false accusation before, but I’ve never witnessed one as shattering as The Hunt. Mikkelsen takes the reins of a much adored kindergarten worker before his life gets turned upside down and we feel the animosity towards him through his mistreatment in a local supermarket and the subsequent attack on his family home. Mikkelsen delivers a performance of emotion and dramatic isolation, constantly throughout The Hunt do we feel the devastation in his eyes as he can’t shake the fear the accusation has set onto him. As the film nears its conclusion there’s a quite terrifying sequence in a church which had me on the verge of tears at Mikkelsen’s agonising performance. The final, definitive shot is just as remarkable. The Hunt is a tremendous force of emotion and one of the finest efforts of 2012.