The Witch ★★★★★

In terms of cinematic intensity and atmosphere, not many films this year will come close to even testing the extraordinary tension presented within The Witch. Directed by debut filmmaker Robert Eggers, the film is a remarkably assured work of horror which channels and compiles everything terrifying that is manifested within the genre to complete perfection. From the satanic odes of the visceral premise to the more recognisable traits of folklore storytelling, Eggers’ film is truly a work of a director who understands the needs of his genre in his precise use of aesthetic elements and how the terror of the tale is portrayed, but also how he builds a work of wondrous originality and pushes the boundaries of the horror into unfamiliar territory as it battles through the deterioration of a family who are literally falling apart. The Witch analyses this magnificently, not only analysing the fall of this family, but utilising it alongside the palpable sense of dread perpetrated within the horror to create one of the most distinct and exceptional works of cinema I’ve seen in some time.