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  • Big Deal on Madonna Street

    Big Deal on Madonna Street


    Claudia Cardinale may be the prettiest actress in the history of acting.

  • Roman Holiday

    Roman Holiday


    There is a great line that can be drawn between It Happened One Night, Roman Holiday, and the Before Trilogy. Love conquers quickly.

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  • For All Mankind

    For All Mankind


    I always wanted to be, and still do want to be, an astronaut. There's a whole lot to explore out there.

  • Yojimbo



    Every time I watch a Kurosawa and Mifune movie I think that there's no way they are going to be as good together as they were in the previous ones that I've seen.

    And yet, we can add Yojimbo to the ranks of Seven Samurai, Rashomon, and High and Low. And the best part is that there are so many more to come. Sanjuro next!