First Blood ★★★★½

I'd like to write an unbiased review of this film, without nostalgia clouding my judgement, but I’m not sure if it can be done. I try and escape nostalgia in these instances, but it has a habit of catching up with me.
Once, it caught up with me and threw me in jail. Forcing me to fight my way to freedom.
Another time it cornered me on a cliff edge. Forcing me to make a spectacular leap into a gorge (a leap so spectacular, in fact, that I imagine if it was a scene in a film and a young boy saw it, it would completely blow his mind).
If I had more time, I could also mention the time nostalgia tracked me to some nearby woods and I only escaped by using military training to set off a thrilling sequence of events, or I could mention the time I really stuck it to nostalgia by blowing the shit out of its little town (although, I wouldn't mention that I got a bit teary afterwards).

Anyway, enough about me, lets get back to my unbiased review of First Blood. Here we go:

First Blood is brilliant. The end.

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