The Stupids ½

Over the past week or so, I've been trying to catch up on the John Landis films that I have missed/avoided over the years. So far, I have watched four of them. Into the Night, Innocent Blood, Oscar and now The Stupids, or How to Make an Hour and a Half Feel Like a Lifetime. It really was a chore to make it through this film. I had low expectations when watching the other three films, but for the most part, I found something to enjoy in all of them. With The Stupids, my expectations were at rock bottom and I was still disappointed.

This is from the same director of The Blues Brothers!?

I did laugh once, so I'll share the moment I laughed at, to spare you the trouble of watching the film. Neidermeyer from Animal House...

This is from the same director as Animal House!?

...tells a solider to terminate "with extreme prejudice", the soldier walks off screen, walks back and asks what "with extreme prejudice" means. THAT'S IT! THAT is the best "joke" in the film. I was so eager to find something enjoyable in this film, I laughed at THAT joke.

This is from the same director as Blues Brothers 2000? Yes. Yes it is.

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