Letter from Siberia ★★★★★

Up there with the Russian novelists as an all-time great portrait of Siberia. I’ve never been, but now I feel like I have.

Much more refined than his Peking film, which, more touristy, comes off as less authentic. 

Marker clearly lived in Siberia for some time. Each frame exudes this spirit. If you’re 👀 for a 🇷🇺 fix, this is it, cinematically.

Very disgestable at just over an hour. Lots of raw information, so poetically delivered that it’s hard to not commit to memory. 

This is one of those films for which I’ve been searching for half a decade, and it’s on FilmStruck. Take note.

Very much a memoir, but also a travelogue. Someday I’ll make it there myself.

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