A Space Program

A Space Program

Hm... Some mixed feelings on this one. I'm unfamiliar with Tom Sachs, so I'm not sure how this came onto my radar. It essentially follows his Mars mission simulation installation.

On a technical level, both the film and installation are very strong. A DIY space mission made out of plywood and poly mailers is very much up my alley, and the commentary provided by the film matches (and even adds to) the playful nature in a way that really works.

However...... there are quite a bit of vaguely (and not so vaguely) misogynistic moments that just made me go 🤨. One of the themes Sachs seems to be exploring in his piece is female inequity, and like so many male artists who attempt to do the same, it ends up coming across more offensive than compassionate.

Looking up Sachs after watching this, and it appears he is pretty involved in the NFT space these days. So lol

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