The Northman

The Northman ★★★★

This film never really elicited any emotional response from me deeper than "fuckin cool", but sometimes it's nice when things are just fuckin cool.
Loved the little historical details here and there. It was fuckin cool seeing the Volga Vikings and the Proto-Slavs on the big screen, and I really enjoyed the wonderful mix of accents on display. Not accurate in anyway, but provides a nice reminder that the world back then was much more interconnected and multicultural than we would generally think. Fuckin cool.
I don't know much about Scandinavian folklore but the sense of unstoppable fate, and the seemingly ornamental dead end plot points scattered throughout, make this feel like a genuine folktale. I also like that it resisted the urge to subvert Hamlet too much, but instead chose to strip it back and focus on the grizzlier themes which are already implicit in the play. Chthonic primordial sludge Hamlet, fuckin cool.
Visually this film is really fuckin cool. As much as I like The VVitch and The Lighthouse I found some their more ambitious compositions slightly artificial and alienating. This film pushes through that barrier by going for full on camp. The abstract sequences here are just so unabashedly over the top that I can't help but love them.
This shit is fuckin cool.

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