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  • Titane

  • Humanité

  • Henry Fool

  • Throw Away Your Books, Rally in the Streets

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  • Belfast


    Feelsy riff on Hope And Glory…somehow the sentimentality doesn’t hit without WW2 although grandpa delivers (again)

  • The Ninth Gate

    The Ninth Gate

    Tfw you accidentally open the gate to Hell because you’re just so committed to the antique book life…Contemporary satanism is usually laziness but here it almost attains the dignity of a faith

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  • Cool Daddio: The Second Youth of R. Stevie Moore

    Cool Daddio: The Second Youth of R. Stevie Moore


    Music documenaries are so tedious. Extended hagiography, zero historicisation, mad genius complex. Random interviews with loser guys who make bedroom music. R Stevie’s gf he met on fb who’s basically his carer. Imagine meeting your hero and then cleaning his ass till the day he croaks!?! Would I do that for Stendhal?

  • Tommaso



    Ferrera remakes 8 and a Half so faithfully that he carries over all the same problems of depicting creation that Fellini was wrestling with. How to depict the creation of a film without sacrificing something akin to narrative (we could just call it a story, a tale, a conversation). How to show the tension between living and making an artwork. Especially when the artwork is drawn so closely from one’s own life.
    We watch Dafoe as Ferrera’s double muddle through…