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  • Terror In Beverly Hills

    Terror In Beverly Hills

    Frank Stallone may be the "star" of this, but he really wasn't in it all that much. I guess this was a troubled production (not having film for the camera, etc.), and Stallone stopped showing up until they agreed to pay him every morning for his work. So he's missing from a large chunk of this movie. Not that it matters all that much because he's interchangeable with any C-level action star from the late-1980s. Any hack could have been…

  • Early Man

    Early Man


    Despite my love for everything Aardman Animations has ever done, I wasn't all that excited going into this one. Cavemen had already been done with The Croods, and the second preview I saw made it seem like the type of movie that has been written again and again. Nevertheless, I kept the faith. And if I had just gone into this wanting the clever stop-motion animation, the terrible puns, the grotesque human caricatures, the anthropomorphized animals, and the slightly-askew humor…

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  • Satantango



    Two steps forward, one step back. I looked it up, and that's essentially what's going on with a tango. I figured the structure of this would be like a 7 1/2 hour tango, and indeed, that's what it appears to be. You watch an initial scene unfold, an extended tracking shot that you expect when popping in a Bela Tarr movie, and then a true opening scene involving three characters, a scheme, and a little infidelity. Then, an inciting incident…

  • Black Panther

    Black Panther


    My plans were to see a less-crowded Early Man, but the theater was having technical difficulties and canceled the last showing of that. Then, I bought a ticket for Fifty Shades Freed, but the movie had already started. So I ended up watching this instead. I had planned on seeing it a few days later.

    During the previews, I was overcome with this feeling that somebody was going to come in with a gun and shoot up the movie theater.…