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  • The Decalogue

    The Decalogue


    In these ten one-hour films loosely based on the Ten Commandments, Kieslowski takes us on a beautifully poetic journey with these characters and their universal moral dilemmas, ask universal questions, and make universal mistakes. You could probably watch these in any order and probably not watch some of them at all. Most of them are connected by an established tone and pace--all but the 10th one, I'd say--as well as the way these characters, their sins, and their narratives unravel.…

  • Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot

    Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot


    This was one of four Joaquin Phoenix movies I mentioned when I wrote about my most anticipated movies a few months back, and despite it being a biopic, a genre I usually don't care for, it was one I was really looking forward to. Unfortunately, despite featuring the "cunnilingus king of Orange County" and a lot of scenes where Phoenix zooms around in a wheelchair, it's a movie that just fails to find its voice. It rolls along, hitting most…

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  • Satantango



    Two steps forward, one step back. I looked it up, and that's essentially what's going on with a tango. I figured the structure of this would be like a 7 1/2 hour tango, and indeed, that's what it appears to be. You watch an initial scene unfold, an extended tracking shot that you expect when popping in a Bela Tarr movie, and then a true opening scene involving three characters, a scheme, and a little infidelity. Then, an inciting incident…

  • Death Wish

    Death Wish

    Plot: A surgeon gets himself a new penis and becomes a hooded vigilante as he hunts down the people responsible for the death of his wife.

    An ode to manly gun use, this NRA wet dream ends up much duller than it should be. Bruce Willis sleepwalks his way through this. The storytelling is stupid, and both its violent action sequences and attempts to invoke genuine emotion are corny. One scene in a garage was so unnecessarily gruesome that this…