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  • The Sisters Brothers

    The Sisters Brothers


    This darkly comic Western appeared on my "Most Anticipated Films" list earlier in the year, mostly because of the team-up of Joaquin Phoenix and John C. Reilly. If you just close your eyes and imagine the kind of rapport these two would have, you'd probably come up with something very similar to what these two have together. They clash beautifully here, and without the use of any words, because words are for sissies in the Wild West, the feelings between…

  • Flower



    This Zoey Deutch has the potential to be something special, and she does more with this character and this movie than either actually deserve. I didn't like where this started, didn't like where this went, and didn't like where it ended, but I really liked Deutch, an actress who seems to be channeling something from the more angsty 1990s.

    I watched this because Tim Heidecker is in it, but his part could have been played by anybody. Adam Scott is…

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  • The Old Man & the Gun

    The Old Man & the Gun


    Anybody who knows me knows why I was excited about this movie. It had nothing to do with it being Robert Redford's swan song and everything to do with the appearance of Tom Waits, one of my favorite human beings. Waits is fun here, and David Lowery gives him one moment to shine by allowing him to do what he does best--tell a story. Like the pie-eating scene in Lowery's ghost movie, hearing Waits' character talk about why he doesn't…

  • Satantango



    Two steps forward, one step back. I looked it up, and that's essentially what's going on with a tango. I figured the structure of this would be like a 7 1/2 hour tango, and indeed, that's what it appears to be. You watch an initial scene unfold, an extended tracking shot that you expect when popping in a Bela Tarr movie, and then a true opening scene involving three characters, a scheme, and a little infidelity. Then, an inciting incident…